Friday, 3 March 2017


When last did I do croquis Friday!!
Well yeyyyy, it's Friyyyayyyyy!! I love Friday's just like a lot of people out there, since it is the beginning of a weekend, yea!
Unfortunately the weekend always goes by so quick!! I wish weekends have seven days while weekdays have 5days!! Who wishes so too!
Okay, I have a file of drawings!!! Plenty of them and definitely I have improved since the last time I posted, hopefully I could post more on Croquis Fridays so you get to see more and most importantly so I can have a go-to soft copy any time any day!!
Okay now, what I want to learn is how to brush up my work to look so clean in soft copies, anyone has any ideas on photoshop??

 You can see how clean and smooth they look, hand drawn and further editted but not to the extent of relieving them of their natural state. I'm I  the only one interested in having the two dresses in the second pic?? They are absolutely gorg!!

For this week, I will post my own works and even still get to feature a talented fashion illustrator.

Mabee Hautelicious

Mabee Hautelicious

Mabee Hautelicious
Mabee Hautelicious
To be featured this week is THEKAIRAWORLD.  I have personally checked all her pictures on instagram and it is worth the data and the time. I love her works and also because she is a fellow Nigerian! you go sister! 
 Can you see the Afican Print fabric, it is a popular one over here and the illustration of it is perfect

I love Kiara'S works as it is! Clear, good image quality, depicts the African Style and it is truly lovely.
And you see that shadow of a thing I truly want to do it on my illustrations too, I jus cant wrap my head around what photoshop offers all this effects! I REEEEAAALLYYY want it.



It's already the third month in the year 2015 and I had planned to post since the first month!! After thoroughly abandoning this blog last year. Too bad of me!!
I definitely miss blogging and would do something great to regulate my schedule. I have a lot going on!! I have missed this platform.
You know I have put two and two together on ways I have been bad for my business! Bad habits are easy to grow but difficult to break!! I have approached this my sewing with terrifying habits, it would take the grace of God and the will power and also a conditioning of my mind to get things going! Okay!! Let the year for MBH begin!!
I've written down my weakest points, my strenght and my action plan on how to tackle my weak points!
It's sad that my weak points outnumber my strengths but I refuse to be discouraged. I'm determined to suppress that weakness although one per time so that I don't exhaust my own self.
Okay, after talking endlessly, have a happy weekend people

Tuesday, 9 August 2016


There is nothing as good as having this lil girl in my life. My kid's ambassador Aka my cute lil sister. Apart from her love for the camera I feel the camera loves her more than she does.

   Hanging over our bodies is what we call the BERYL TOP usually matched with a similar colour palazzo trouser (but not in our case). I've loved this beautiful top for so long. Originally designed and made by a popular Nigerian designer WANNIFUGA. You can check out her page on Instagram-@wannifuga.
Showing off the back
style me

mabee hautelicious

I first saw this on Instagram explore page and fell heads o'er heels. I magically imagined how good it'll look on me. 
pink high low blouse

Too aware of how expensive it'll be to get a set for myself. I promised myself I'd love myself to one.

The drapings seemed so impossible to craft out. I tot about different ways to draft out the pattern until some months ago when I was in serious need of what to wear to my course dinner. 
twinning girls
beryl top back view

I met a seamstress in the hope that she would understand it best but to my surprise she called it a kimono!! -wow!! I got so angry and decided to do it myself. Luckily, I did get it right. It is one easy pattern, i promise!

    I have had orders for this too and boy!!! It is so loved. 


I had to make a sample for my ambassador and you can imagine what she asked after the fitting, "can I own it after the photo session?" Puppy dog eyes in place as though I was even going to consider turning down such cute request. I found that so funny. And if you would agree with me it suits her so much 
We couldn't resist taking vain selfies for all I care. With the sun basking us, the joys of our dresses. It doesn't actually matter the length. I've seen some of various length short or long. If u notice my front crop is quite longer cos I cudnt stand showing off my midriff.

Here is a picture with the palazzo

It's all so lovely, you can order on her page if you love it so much. Any colour at all is loooovely!! 
Have a blessed week ahead. *swirls around with beryl top*

Friday, 3 June 2016

For the love of stripes💕💕

Happy new month you all!!! It's already half a year! Wow!
I've missed this blog for real. Each time I always have in mind what to write but then eventually I never do due to mere laziness or lack of interest but not today. This post has long been overdue but it is fine.

This striped skirt has been bae for so long. I made it since year before last because I tot I would wear it. I never did, firstly because I hate to attach hook and eyes to a band and also because my novice skills ensured I made a lot of mistakes with the box pleats. Nevertheless, all that didn't stop me from rocking this beautiful piece one nice sunday.
My love for stripes can't be overstated especially deep blue and white and black and white, I can easily by pass an

y other stripe combination but not those mentioned.

I wore my skirt with a custom made offshoulder blouse. I do love them both together. I could have done without that slim belt but I couldn't cos I hadn't done the band properly but who can guess.

Trust me custom made diy's are the best though then I made mistakes with this skirt but now I can't make such mistakes doing this kinda skirt again.
Here is an illustration of it

Every girl needs a skirt like this. Could be shorter which I believe it's cuter but I needed something to wear to church. You could use a silk or chiffon fabric but with chiffon to make it puffy you need to prepare tulle or sonething. I made use of a very heavy material, not as puffy as I expected but it's fine.

From me and my really cheesy smile. Have a lovely weekend!!! Don't sweat it!! Whatever you have to force to work, let go Huns.


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